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Carpet Cleaning Hendersonville, NC

Carpet Cleaning in Hendersonville

Zerorez® carpet cleaning is safer, cleaner, and greener than any traditional carpet cleaner. Our truck-mounted cleaning system is Platinum Rated by the Carpet and Rug Institute for superior extraction and our super-fast drying times. Our Powered Water® does not contain any harsh chemicals, soaps, shampoos, or detergents making it completely safe for kids and pets.

It can be a daunting task to shuffle through endless carpet cleaner reviews, so stop searching! As one of the best carpet cleaners in the Hendersonville area, Zerorez® delivers an effective and safe cleaning process that will keep your carpets and home cleaner, longer. Let us get your carpets clean. Zerorez®, The Smarter Way To Clean Carpets™.

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No Residue®, No Stress

The carpet cleaning industry has been cleaning, to a large extent, the same way for the last 50 years. These companies add soap to the carpets and then extract the dirt from the fibers. But for years carpet cleaners have been leaving sticky, dirt-attracting residue behind in the carpet after cleaning. Over a short period of time, dirt, grime, and other nasties work their way back into the carpet and can even leave the carpet looking worse than before it was cleaned. The solution? Clean without soap!

Zerorez® cleans with Powered Water® which, put simply, is water with a hydroxy molecule attached. Our patented process cleans better than detergents but dries like water, leaving Zero Residue® behind in your carpets. This eco-friendly method leaves your carpets and other surfaces cleaner longer and helps protect your family and pets from harmful bacteria and pathogens. All we leave is clean™. Call today to experience the best carpet cleaning Hendersonville, NC has to offer.

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What Hendersonville is saying about Zerorez

8282097000 Zerorez Asheville 30 Westgate Parkway, #338 Asheville, NC 28806 Varied


Communication was outstanding. They were on time. It was an overall very easy process. With a busy schedule, I need anything that makes my life easier! Would you them again and again and again.

8282097000 Zerorez Asheville 30 Westgate Parkway, #338 Asheville, NC 28806 Varied

Lynn Brooks

The technician from Zerorez arrived on time, was totally professional, and cleaned our carpets quickly and thoroughly. Additionally, he offered advice and options for best care of a family heirloom rug. Don't waste time or your money with any other carpet cleaning service!

8282097000 Zerorez Asheville 30 Westgate Parkway, #338 Asheville, NC 28806 Varied

Kelsi Christensen

Jarvis was so pleasant and friendly. Very quick and efficient with air duct cleaning and it already feels immensely better in my house! Thanks Jarvis!

Hendersonville Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs, and rugs in general, seem to come with great stories - where they came from, who made them, and how they made their way into your home. They tell stories of people, of legends, and of great skill. They each come with a personality that adds to your home. As rugs are passed through generations, their stories only expand. Zerorez® can be trusted with your good wool or silk rug that has lasted throughout generations, or even that brand new rug you purchased last summer. Our professional technicians are able to help keep your rugs looking fresh and new as the day they joined your family. They are experienced and knowledgeable on how to take care of all rugs no matter the delicacy, texture, color, or structure. A rug cleaning by Zerorez® will:

  1. Protect delicate fibers by using a completely green carpet cleaner that is safe and non-toxic
  2. Restore color to your rugs
  3. Protect your family, your pets, your home, and the environment through this green rug cleaning technology. Nothing But Clean™ when it comes to Zerorez®!

Hendersonville, NC

Located near the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and not far from Asheville sits the cute little town of Hendersonville. Though the buildings of downtown are kept up to date, they still hold true to their 90's style. One fun thing about walking the streets of Hendersonville is keeping an eye out for all the bears. Bears?! Yes, but not real ones. Scattered all throughout downtown Hendersonville you will be able to spot many statues of bears. These bear statues all look different as each bear appears to be dressed up in a different kind of outfit.

As North Carolina is known for being a large producer of apples, it is interesting to note that many of these apples are grown in Hendersonville and close surrounding areas. A fun event to attend in Hendersonville is the Apple Festival, which takes place annually on Labor Day weekend. Stop by for a fresh apple pie or to get your pick at some of the finest apples in town. [Photo by: Ron Reiring at[email protected]/2442890267]

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